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Who We Are

dtmp has over 25 years of professional visual creation experience, working in multiple aspects of multimedia from broadcast television and news to corporate video and interactive development. We're sure we have the creative prowess to bring your visual story to life!

What We Do

Our major efforts revolve around the visual medium of video. We've produced numerous television commercials, training videos, web video, long form video, television shows, animation, effects and sound editing. We also develop and maintain web sites for many of our clients.

Why Choose Us

We work closely with each client to craft a product that not only meets their expectations but also connects and communicates with the audience. From concept to script, production to post production, to final delivery, you can count on our expertise.


Todays Media

dtmp is connected with todays media and can guide you through the process of choosing the right medium.


Telling your story creatively helps convey the message more effectively. We'll provide multiple creative options.


We've got the tools to bring your idea to life. Capturing the action with photographic equipment, lights and audio recorders.

Post Production

Expert visual and audio editing comes with much practice. To date we've more than eclipsed the 10,000 hour mark that is required to become a master.


We've been writing for television for over two decades and have the specialized skills required for the visual medium.


Adding movement and life to otherwise boring material is one of our greatest delights. We've got the experience and tools to accomplish almost anything imaginable.


We also build and maintain online materials for multiple clients. The web is where everything is going or gone, shouldn't you be there too?

Legacy Media

In some instances, older forms of media are perfectly acceptable vehicles for your message. We've got that covered also.



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